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Tips to Maintain Pre-Ink Rubber Stamp in Best Condition

Tips to Maintain Pre-Ink Rubber Stamp in Best Condition

Do you often encounter problems that occur with your stamp, such as a flash stamp that is not durable enough or the ink you are using is not suitable for your stamp?

These things can happen because you don’t pay attention to the maintenance process you should do on the flash pre ink stamp. But don’t worry because today, we will help you to provide information on how to properly care for pre-ink rubber stamps so that you will not get the problems that often occur with them. Here is the trick:

1. Put It In A Safe Place

We recommend that you provide proper storage for your pre-ink rubber stamps. Keep away from sunlight or watery places. This is done because to maintain the stamp tub, if it is exposed to sunlight, it will dry quickly, and if it is exposed to water, it will not be able to be used. Also, keep out of reach of children if you are at home.

Placing the pre-ink stamps in a safe place will prevent your stamps from being damaged. You can put the stamps on the workbench for easy reach.

2. Use Special Ink to Refill Pre-Ink Stamps

The results of the pre-ink rubber stamps will not be optimal if you use any type of ink carelessly. To achieve the best results, always use inks specifically designed for pre-ink rubber stamps such as our waterproof oil based ink for our brand of stamps.

3. Avoid Overfilling

Fill the ink in according to the amount needed. You can adjust it according to the intensity of use. Because when you use it less often, there are some inks that just don’t hold up enough to stay on the stamp too long.

You need to know that a good pad or rubber stamp has a high absorption capacity, so you don’t have to overfill the ink.

4. Don’t Forget to Close The Stamp

When you have finished using the pre-ink rubber stamps, don’t forget to close the stamp and the stamp cover tray again. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of causing the stamp to dry quickly, making it unusable.

Final Thoughts

Ignoring pre-ink rubber stamps maintenance is tantamount to letting your performance suffer. No matter how small the factors that can cause damage to your tantamount, you should avoid them as much as possible. You can really anticipate maintaining the consistency of your stamp’s performance.

Keeping your stamp in good condition is definitely useful to make it work properly each time you use it. So, rather than buying more and more stamps in the future, it’s always better to keep one and maintain it for longer usage.

If you want more efficiency, we also recommend using more modern stamps that are easier to use and maintain, like the self-inking stamps that allow rapid stamping processes, although there are a few things you need to compromise. The only thing that makes it worse than the pre-ink stamps is the clarity. But other than that, the stamps should work properly if well maintained.

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