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Express Teacher Stamp (No Extra GST Charge)


Teacher Stamp / chop Maker in Singapore (No GST)
Ordering only 1 Teacher Stamps? We can mail it to you via Smartpac!!
For 2 and above Teacher Stamps we will arrange for Free Courier Service!!!!!!
Who are the self-inking teacher stamps for?

They are for teachers who wish to use our stamps to grade or motivate students. Can customise wordings and even add cute images for a more personal touch.

Our Teacher Stamps are locally made and can last up to 1000 uses. Ink used is a durable waterproof and premium.

Come make yours today! Place an order through whatsapp (+65 81820938)  or send an  email to us at

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Rectangle Self Ink Stamp Models & Price
  • KP1442, artwork diameter 10mm x 38mm – $14 (2 lines max)
  • KP1340, artwork diameter 9mm x 36mm – $18 (2 lines max)
  • KP1370, artwork diameter 9mm x 66mm – $22 (2 lines max)
  • KP1755, artwork diameter 13mm x 51mm – $24 (3 lines max)
  • KP1767, artwork diameter 13mm x 63mm – $25 (3 lines max)
  • KP2255, artwork diameter 19mm x 51mm – $26 (4 lines max)
  • KP2878, artwork diameter 24mm x 74mm – $29 (5-6 lines max)
  • KP3255, artwork diameter 28mm x 51mm – $28 (5-6 lines max)
  • KP4367, artwork diameter 39mm x 63mm – $34 (7-9 lines max)
  • KP5367, artwork diameter 49mm x 63mm – $38 (9-11 lines max)
  • KP6760, artwork diameter 62mm x 55mm – $40
  • KP78103, artwork diameter 73mm x 98mm – $60
  • KP90130, artwork diameter 85mm x 125mm – $80
Keychain Stamp & Price
  • Keychain Stamp KC1028, artwork size 6mm x 24mm – $8

Let us help you encourage your students and leave a deeper impression on them. With our stamps, you can customise them to suit your teaching style, and include words and phrases you normally use.

If you are looking for the perfect gifts for your students, look no further. Our keychain stamps are compact and perfect as a small token for your students.

Feel free to drop us a message through whatsapp (+65 81820938) or email us at For a hassle-free experience, you can also order from us online by leaving your comments in the remarks section below.

Additional information
Teacher Stamp Models

KP1442, 10mm x 38mm (2 lines max), KP1340, 9mm x 36mm (2 lines max), KP1370, 9mm x 66mm (2 lines max), KP1755, 13mm x 51mm (3 lines max), KP1767, 13mm x 63mm (3 lines max), KP2255, 19mm x 51mm (4 lines max), KP2878, 24mm x 74mm (5-6 lines max), KP3255, 28mm x 51mm (5-6 lines max), KP4367, 39mm x 63mm (7-9 lines max), KP5367, 49mm x 63mm (9-11 lines max), KP6760, 62mm x 55mm, KP78103, 73mm x 98mm, KP90130, 85mm x 125mm

Logo Needed?

Yes +$5, No

Ink Colour

Blue (Most Popular), Black, Red, Green

Shipping Options

Free Self Collect #06-05 The Commerze @ Irving (Tai Seng MRT Exit A), Free Smartpac Mail (Min 1 Seal), Free Courier (Min 2 Seals), Free Courier (1 Stamp + 1 Seal)